How To: Using This Blog

How to use this Blog:


Hello and welcome to this momentous journey: Saving and investing your money. Allow me to guide you, using this blog, to start building a nest egg for retirement.

Blog articles will generally be on the following subjects: Definitions, Actionables, Investment Strategies, and Market Knowledge.

Definitions will be an ever growing list of finance related words and acronyms. Words will have a short description and generally be followed by a longer explanation, for interested parties.

Actionables articles will outline actual steps anyone can take to invest in their future. Links will be provided, hopefully nothing will be too… taxing. These are the backbone of this blog, clearly explaining steps that will help with investing.

Investment Strategies will describe various possible strategies for investing. These articles are generally geared towards a more advanced audience, most people will be just fine only reading the definitions and following the actionable items. However, if you’re interested, these articles will provide broad ideas and strategies as suggested actions.

Finally Market Knowledge articles will cover interesting tidbits or news that affect markets or strategies. Again, these articles are geared towards a more advanced audience, generally not needed by the average reader. Comments, criticisms and discussions are very welcome here.

Articles that aren’t definitions will be approximately follow this format:

Bullet Point Highlights

Long Form Summary inc. actionable items

Long Form Article

Static Links

The idea is that a quick browse of a few lines and a paragraph should be enough to build a strong foundation for retirement, even if you don’t know exactly what or why you’re doing it. A full reading should be comprehensive¬† for any retail or intermediate investor.

Links to definitions and web-pages will be imbedded and at the bottom of articles for those who would prefer to copy-and-paste.





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